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Importance of Security In Growing Marijuana

Growing Marijuana

When you are growing marijuana, it is important that you keep your marijuana grow operation safe and secure. If not, you will run into so many problems. Every marijuana grower should not let many people know that they are operating a marijuana grow. If you were to ask law enforcement, they would tell you that most of their marijuana bust took place because of an anonymous tip or a snitch that may have been angry at the grower, for some reason. Another thing is that you should not boast about growing marijuana because friends can become enemy quickly, possibly because of jealousy and envy. So, it is best to keep your mouth shut about what you are trying to do in your marijuana business.

Keep Quiet

Lucky for many people who are growing marijuana, not many grow operations are discovered and busted. Even if you are growing marijuana in a place where the substance is legalized, you can be found out by the feds and your entire crop could be destroyed, just like that. You could have your marijuana plants stolen by thieves while you sleep. If you want to impress a weed smoker, then wait until you glean a harvest before you start boasting about your cannabis strain. To please your pot smokers, just wait until you harvest some big marijuana buds and distribute some fat joints that will be quite impressive. Now, let’s look closer at security and its importance.

Serious Consideration

When growing marijuana, as said before, you should seriously consider how you will administrate your security. You have to keep your grow operation safe at all times. Even when legalized, marijuana crops will remain a highly sought-after commodity. For that reason, if you are growing marijuana in your home, which is accessible to the public, if not secure, then you have to think about the kind of security systems you will have in place. You also have to be careful who you hire to help you with your crop because those same people could let you down as snitches. While you don’t want to use harmful methods to secure your marijuana grow operation, you need to use precautionary measures that are secure, but not hurtful. Some of the things that you can consider are a solid security system and security guards.

The Camouflage

If you are growing marijuana outdoors, that is a different ball game. Security has to be even tighter. Moreover, you should make sure that you plant your marijuana in a surrounding where there is other vegetation in the mix. This will confuse the people that happen to find themselves in this environment. Most won’t be able to visualize what you are doing, even when caught in the midst of it. The other vegetation surrounding your crop helps to clutter the area of landscape, making it harder to decipher what is really going on.

Don’t Get Greedy

Be sure not to be greedy when you are growing marijuana because you may overstep your boundaries as it relates to the law. The law allows for a specific amount of weed that you are allowed to plant. If you were to use a four feet female marijuana plant that is healthy, you could see a good harvest. Make sure that half of your marijuana crops are females.

Outdoor Growing

When you are growing marijuana outdoors, you have to be cognizant of the smell and how far reaching it can be, especially if you live in a windy area. So be careful which location you choose for growing marijuana plants. You don’t want to do anything to attract attention to your grow operation.

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