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Executive Security - Personal Protection - Bodyguard Services

Wynne & Associates has expanded our services to include executive protection and personal bodyguard services under the subsidiary name Executive Security, LLC.

Executive Security, LLC offers a full range of protective services designed specifically for each individual client's needs. Our Personal Protective Division includes the best, highly trained law enforcement and former military officers who are experienced with the special needs of Executives, Dignitaries or anyone needing additional security.

Initially, we provide our clients with a comprehensive threat assessment and create a plan to deal with potential threats.

We then conduct security surveys of residences, workplaces or any other location to identify ways to maximize safety and minimize risk.

A design of customized services are matched by experts to suit each client's needs.

With private and corporate clients, Executive Security is available 24 hours every day.

By assigning only skilled operatives to your case, you will find our protection services are always professional and discrete.

To find out how we can protect you, your family or your business, Call 401-640-5423 to schedule a strictly confidential consultation.

There is no reason to take chances when you can rely on Executive Security, LLC.

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