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Innovative Security for Federally Authorized Marijuana Research and Development

Clint Wynne, Jr. has designed, developed and managed the intricate security systems installation at MMJ BioPharma Labs that recently received DEA Analytical Lab Registration approval for schedule 1-4 drugs,

MMJ BioPharma is the brainchild of Duane Boise, CEO becoming one of the only federally authorized labs dedicated to pharmaceutical grade marijuana and is the primary pioneer of marijuana research. MMJ is in development of a proprietary gel cap medicine to treat Multiple Sclerosis and Huntington's disease. Clinical trials will begin soon.

The research lab, supported by the adjacent high technology cultivation center is truly the first of its kind, generating schedule 1, extracted and processed, high-grade marijuana medicine.

Stringent DEA regulations govern the level of security and the security systems that must be deployed. These systems have been installed and approved by the DEA. Alarm systems, access control systems and video surveillance, as well as a guard force, have been put in place to ensure security, safety and manage divergence at the new Rhode Island facility.

Security Concepts, a division of Omni Resource management, was the security integrator of choice and "operated at peak efficiency and professionalism throughout the installation process" according to Wynne. "The latest technology was chosen and Security Concepts performed as required at every turn, leading to DEA approval of the security systems operation" Wynne said.

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