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Cannabis Security Consulting Company


Properly designed security programs and systems are an essential and required element of any marijuana dispensary, retail marijuana store, grow and processing facility.

Wynne & Associates has been providing professional security services, risk mitigation, risk management, executive protection and electronic systems integration for over 30 years. Our dedicated team of security professionals was established specifically to provide professional security solutions to the cannabis industry. We put our experience and expertise to work for businesses and individuals working in the cannabis industry.  Our knowledge of the regulations, risks and properly designed mitigation programs and systems is unparalleled.

Since the emergence of medical use Marijuana in Rhode Island over 10 years ago up to current medical dispensary and retail marijuana in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Wynne & Associates expertise continues to be called on to design systems, policies and procedures and install Video Surveillance Systems along with Intrusion Detection and Access Control measures to protect these high-risk clients.

Strict guidelines are in place for security in these business and private facilities and Wynne & Associates is the proven New England Expert.

Wynne & Associates remains the “go-to” company for security design and integration of approved systems.  We have worked with marijuana cultivators from Colorado, the Pacific Northwestern states and we are often used for consultancy or referred for installation of Medical Marijuana Security Protection.

Our expertise is reflective of our many years of experience and our client base across several marijuana dispensary and cultivator sites in New England.

Wynne & Associates offers professional and reliable services, custom-tailored to meet the specific needs of all facets of the legal marijuana industry. We offer in-depth consultations to understand your goals and current situation, as well as services to craft a long-term solution that is right for you.


Wynne & Associates will provide and/or manage any of the following required services:


                Barriers such as Fences, Doors, Windows, Utility openings, Sewers, Piers, Docks, etc.

                Protective Lighting

                Safes and Vaults

                Lock and Key Systems

                Traffic Control, Parking areas and Fuel Depots

                Security Guards (Uniformed and Covert, Private and Contract)

                Security Alarm, CCTV, Video Surveillance, Article Surveillance
                Access Control Systems  Fire Alarm and Communications Systems.       


                Pre-Hire Screening

                Background Investigation

                Truth Verification Standards

                Physical and Drug Testing

                Psychological Testing

                Incident or Complaint Investigations



                Risk Assessment

                Plan Development

                Plan Implementation

                Shutdown and Evacuation Plan

                Natural Disaster Policy

                Man-made Disaster Policy

                Classification of Vital Records

                Bomb Threats

                Strikes and Lockouts

                Fire Prevention and Fire-loading Policies



                Proprietary Information

                Trade Secrets


                Industrial Espionage Prevention      

                Fax, Cellular and Cordless Security

                Communications Encryption



                Security Policies

                Security and Safety Training

                Budgets for Loss Prevention

                Ongoing Risk Assessment and Management

                Threat and Vulnerability Assessment


                Guard Force Management

                Substance Abuse and Narcotic Use and Testing Policies

                Basic Legal Aspects (Search and Seizure, Arrest, Confessions and Admissions,                                            Eavesdropping)

Contact our Principal, Clint Wynne, Jr. for a complimentary discussion and basic needs analysis.




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